I am a geographer interested in the politics of informality within the cities of the Global South. Working at the intersection of anthropology of the state and brokerage, Urban Studies and Development Studies, I am deeply influenced by a post-colonial and feminist perspective. The primary aim of my research is to generate knowledge that will pave the way for creation of “viable institutions” for urban planning and governance of the cities.

Originally from the industrial township of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand (India), I have lived and worked in Mumbai since 2006. After serving as an activist, urban planner and researcher in varying institutions of the megacity of Mumbai, I have been studying the role of fixers in making the urban planning bureaucracy within the Bombay Municipal Corporation visible to the public. I illustrate that the fixers formulate the underlying geographical processes which variously shadow, support, and subvert the postcolonial bureaucracy.

I have been a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University since July 2021. Prior to that, I completed my PhD in Geography at Rutgers University. My research has benefited from the generous support received from the Graduate School of Rutgers University, New Brunswick and the Wenner Gren Foundation.

MCGM cemetry
Informal vendor outside MCGM
Chinchpokli railway Station
Flower Market In Mumbai
Bandra Bandstand
Manori Village inside Mumbai
MCGM Maintenance Chowki
Multiplicity of guidance